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School Events

Kokusai High School has two big events, Sports Day and OYO-Festival in which our students actively participate.

Sports Day

Sports Day is held every May after Golden Week at our school field. Students are divided into three teams of Red, White and Blue and compete against each other through the Endan (musical cheering dance performance) and other athletic competitions.

OYO-Festival (school culture festival)

Our school festival is held over a weekend in mid-September every year.
Each class and members of the school’s various extracurricular activity clubs, the school committee, and other volunteers plan a wide range of programs. Students start preparing for this festival from the middle of May and spend most of the summer making the festival a success. Please come and enjoy the biggest event of Kokusai High School.

Speech Contest

First, second, and third year students each have their annual speech contest. During this contest, they deliver speeches in English as well as in other languages. Their passionate words are both moving and thought-provoking.

ESCA (English Summer Camp)

First year students go on a three-day excursion during the summer. During this trip, they engage in discussions and group presentations on assigned topics in English. Through this event, they build strong bonds with one another while also improving their English skills.

International Cultural Exchange Activities

1. Exchange Program with Sister Schools

① North Sydney Boys High School (Australia)*
We conduct study tours and a one week homestay every year, alternating schools yearly. This summer (2023), sixteen students from our school joined in lessons and activities at NSBHS.

② Incheon Foreign Language High School (South Korea)

③ Seoul Foreign Language High School (South Korea)
We have visited each other through school trips.

④ Atherton High School (USA)
They visited us in June (2023).

*NSBHS is a public school established in 1915. This summer (2023) we resumed our exchange program and our students visited NSBHS. Students enjoyed daily life with their host families in addition to studying English and attending regular classes.

Students of Incheon High School
visited our school in 2016.

We visited Seoul Foreign Language
High School in 2019.

We held a cultural exchange event in class with the entire student body.

This year (2023) we resumed the exchange program and we welcomed students from Atherton High School in June. The students enjoyed lessons and various events with their host students.

2. Affiliated Schools

Lycée Saint-Benoît (France)
Lycée Nevers (France)
Birla High School (India)
Suzhou Industrial Park Foreign Language School (China)
Young Achievers International School (the Philippines)
Richmond School District No. 38 (Canada)
Yokohama Senior High School of International Studies(Yokohama/Japan)
Hiyoshigaoka High School (Kyoto/Japan)

We made Japanese Mitarashi-Dango/rice-dumplings together in home economics class when students from Nevers High School in France came to our school in February 2017.

3. Accepting international students on long terms

Students from all over the world visit our school to study Japanese language and culture. We accept a couple of students commencing from April or September, in the 1st and 2nd grades to spend their school lives with us.

4. International Exchange Day

The Student Council of the International Cultural Exchange Committee operates this event regularly. We invite foreign students studying at the University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo Gakugei University and other universities to join us for this activity.

The committee plans welcoming events with the spirit of hospitality. The committee members introduce Japanese culture to exchange students through various activities such as games or dance performances.