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Academic Certificates

How to Apply for Academic Certificates

We offer services for various types of academic certificate as follows:

1. Type of Certificates

Type of Certificates Availability Processing Time
Japanese English Japanese English
1 Certificate of Graduation Same day 7 days
See Notes ①
2 Academic Record 7 days
See Notes ①
3 Credit Record
4 Transcript × ×
5 Certificate of Enrollment Next day
See Notes ①
7 days
See Notes ①
6 Certificate of Expected Graduation
  1. ①It’s processed school business days only.
  2. ②Consult the school office if another specific format for certification is required.
  3. ③Original Student Record is kept at school for 20 years under the document administration rule. If you are enrolled after 1994, some academic record may not be available after five years past your graduation.
    We will issue an official letter of explanation if you request.

2. Applying at the School Office

  1. 1) Application forms are available at the corner of the reception window.
    Please fill out all necessary items with a black ball point pen.
  2. 2) We ask for your ID card (Driver's license, Insurance card or Student's card etc.) to verify your identity.
  3. 3) Certificates are free for current Kokusai students, but cost 400 yen for graduates.
    Do not forget to bring the receipt you received upon payment.
  4. 4) We do not accept applications by phone.
  5. 5) Application and pick up place are the reception window of the school office.
    If you need an Academic Record or Credit Record, please hand in the application form to your class teacher and pick up at the reception window of the school office.
    For graduates, apply to the school office.
  6. 6) Reception Hours: Weekdays 9AM to 4:30PM Only

3. Applying by Mail

We also accept application by postal mail for your convenience.
Please contact our school office in advance, then mail all necessary documents and fees to the school office.

  • * Please indicate 「Certificate Application is Enclosed」in red on the envelope.
  • * Certificates will be mailed out to the applicant upon completion.
  • * Allow additional days for mailing as we shall not be responsible for any postal delays.
  • * Please include items A~D and mail it to the following address.
  1. Application form * For Graduates PDFpdfファイル,For IB Graduates PDFpdfファイル ,For Akagidai Graduates PDFpdfファイル
  2. Commission fee of 400 yen per certificate by money order * Available at post office. Do not write anything on it.
  3. Return Envelope * Please write your address, postal code and name on an A4 size return envelope with the appropriate stamps as listed below.
Quantity Postal Stamp
1~2 \120
3~5 \140
6~8 \205
9~15 \250
Express delivery, registered mail or 「Letter Pack」is recommended.
Additional 280yen to the express delivery and 310yen to the standard postage is required for registered mail.
  1. A copy of ID card (Driver's license, Insurance card, Student ID etc.)
    Copies will not be returned.

4. On Electronic Applications

Electronic Applications are also possible by clicking the "From Here"

5. Others

For privacy protection, applicants must be graduates or their family members only.
Please indicate the relationship between the person applying and the graduate if a family member is applying. Asking family members who live in Japan is preferable if applying from abroad.
Please contact the school office at 03-3468-6811 if you have any question.

Mailing Address;
2-19-59 Komaba Megurao-ku, Tokyo
Tokyo Metropolitan Kokusai High School
Management Planning Office
「Certificate Application is Enclosed」