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A Message from the Principal

SAITO Naoko Welcome to the Tokyo Metropolitan Kokusai High School website! Through this website we hope you will get to know our characteristics, what we aim to achieve, and what an exciting school we are.

Keep Learning,
Keep Changing,
and Keep Smiling.

 The time during high school is one of the most precious times of life, where we grow the most as a person, both physically and mentally. You can always find tips for striding through your life-long journey in daily conversation with friends and teachers, and also during classes, school events and club activities. What I would like the students to intensively work on during the three years at Kokusai is to identify his/her own strengths and use them to find a way to achieve a fruitful life. High school is a trying and important time and with that in mind teachers are always willing to be good partners in making students’ ambitions come true.
 Everyone has only one life to live. In order to have a life that is rich and happy, it is crucial that you are a life-long learner. The moment you find yourself successfully understanding the class content is the evidence that you are making consistent improvements in life. To survive through the Reiwa era where everything changes rapidly and dramatically, it is important that each individual also adapts and can make changes continuously.

 Kokusai High School was founded in 1989. Our school has been a pioneer among public high schools in Tokyo in developing a curriculum dedicated to international understanding. One of the things we value at Kokusai is diversity. At Kokusai, the number of returnee students and international students living in Tokyo is about one third of the entire student body, and the number of countries those students have come from is greater than 40. Due to such a diverse environment, the students at Kokusai are able to recognize individual differences, learn to accept others, and be equipped with wellbalanced international perspectives. Our school’s curriculum reflects the unique characteristics of the international studies curriculum; in order to realize our school’s mission statement “to foster students to become a person who can contribute to the global society”, we offer subject choices for second language acquisition at a high level and also specific subjects such as cultural understanding and international relations. This is in addition to the regular subjects we offer.
 In May 2015, Kokusai High School was authorized to be an IB World School and began offering the Diploma Programme in April 2016. In March 2022 the 5th cohort students of the IB course graduated from Kokusai High School. Recently we have received the happy news that the students from the 1st cohort have graduated from universities abroad and are currently employed in a variety of fields.

 In our school song, there is a phrase “パイオニア、パイオニア、われらが国際高校 (Pioneer, Pioneer, our Kokusai High School)”. Based on our philosophy to stride through life as a pioneer, Kokusai High School has been constantly evolving. One of the examples of such change is that as an IB World School, we have implemented new systems to embrace the IB educational philosophy. We will continue to monitor the changes in society, and act spontaneously to adapt to these changes. With the support of parents and guardians, and members of the local community, the teachers at Kokusai promise to exert all efforts into making Kokusai the ideal high school.

 Let’s enjoy life at Kokusai High School together!

Tokyo Metropolitan KOKUSAI High School Principal SAITO Naoko