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 University Recognitions

Over 2,500 universities worldwide recognize the IBDP as an academically rigorous programme. Some advantages of the IBDP include: an increased possibility for university admissions; the opportunity to win scholarship awards; and the potential to earn university credit.


 Many IB graduates attend the Top 20 universities in the U.K.

Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick, St. Andrews, University College London, Lancaster, Imperial College, London School of Economics, Loughborough, York, SOAS, Leicester, Bath, Exeter, Edinburgh, Sussex, Durham, Southampton, East Anglia, Surrey

Retrieved from Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) Study, May 2011


 "The acceptance rate of IB students into Ivy League institutions (Princeton, Yale, Brown, Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, University of Pennsylvania) is between 3 and 13 percentage points higher compared to the total population acceptance rate."

International Baccalaureate Organization. (2011). The IB diploma graduate destinations survey 2011 Country report (United States of America).


 Selected universities are using/considering IB Diploma in their admissions process.

【National universities】
University of Tokyo (2016~)
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
University of Tsukuba
Osaka University
Kyoto University (2016~)

【Prefectural and municipal universities】
Yokohama City University
Akita International University

【Private universities】
Keio University
Rikkyo University
Sophia University
Tamagawa University
Waseda University
Hosei University (2016~)

*For more details, please consult the entry requirements of each university.
*MEXT. (2014). 『国際バカロレア日本アドバイザリー委員会報告書 参考資料集』

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