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IBDP at Kokusai

 From the Principal


Tokyo Metropolitan Kokusai High School was founded in 1989. Our school has been a pioneer among public high schools in Tokyo, in developing curriculum dedicated to international understanding. Consequently, a multitude of alumni have become successful leaders across the globe.

Tokyo Metropolitan Kokusai High School aims to nurture students to develop unwavering self-assurance, high aspirations, personal responsibility and a steadfast willingness to resolve a wide range of complex issues in order to contribute positively to the world.

In May 2015, Tokyo Metropolitan Kokusai High School was authorized to be an IB World School, offering the Diploma Programme. This highly academic rigorous programme puts students on the path towards admissions in overseas universities. Since April 2016, Kokusai High School has been offering the IBDP.

Owing to the students’ dedication in their studies, the graduates of the IBDP course demonstrated their success by earning the IBDP diploma and pursuing their future studies in prominent universities around the world. This year, many of the first graduates of the IBDP course have graduated from universities and some are now working in various fields both domestically and internationally, spreading their wings across the globe.

The IB aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world by demonstrating intercultural understanding and respect. Through the Diploma Programme, students are encouraged to develop their inquiry skills, as well as their intellectual capacity across the wide-ranging education offered at Kokusai High School. IBDP students enrolled at Kokusai High School can appreciate the opinion of other and work collaboratively, based on their well-balanced international-mindedness and open-minded characters. Owing to this, in the future the global community will respect the integrity they bring to their endeavors.

We welcome eager and ambitious young minds who possess high aspirations and the desire to open new doors to the world and to expand the horizons for the future. 

Naoko Saito, Principal of Tokyo Metropolitan Kokusai High School

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