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People from all over the world gather in Kokusai High School. Students study together in an international environment. A variety of lectures are taught in English to prepare students to take action and serve in leadership roles abroad.



The courses aim to develop students' overall English skills using a variety of authentic materials, such as articles, magazines, literature, the internet, and video clips. Students will participate in debate and discussions, and learn to develop academic writing and presentation skills necessary to succeed in university.



Japanese language and Japanese literature courses will be offered. In Japanese language, students learn Japanese as an additional or second language. Students will develop their language skills and build their awareness of intercultural understanding and the role of language. In Japanese literature, students will develop their ability to analyse and critique texts using their own literary judgment and by participating in lively discussions.

 Individuals and Societies


Social studies refers to studies about the relation between individuals and societies. The interactions between humans and their environment across time, space and place will be studied in subjects such as Geography, Economics and World History. Students can acquire knowledge about social issues. Additionally, they will build their knowledge about creating good reciprocity between Japan and other countries through the social studies courses.



Science serves as a foundation for all the studies. Students will focus on developing questions from everyday life and experimentally analysing the behaviour of nature. Through the process of scientific research, students will develop the ability to answer questions and to express their opinions. In Kokusai High School, Physics, Chemistry and Biology will be offered in English.



Mathematics is a study about both abstract concepts and their application to real life. Through learning abstract concepts, students will develop an understanding of mathematical principles. Through applying the concepts to real world problems, students will develop their logical ways of thinking. The courses include functions, trigonometry, and calculus.

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