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 Eligibility Verification(2024 April Enrolment)

If you plan to apply for 2024 April Enrolment, you need to come to campus for eligibility verification on either of the following days.

Date Time Required Documents for Eligibility Verification
①November 11, 2023
②December 16, 2023
9:00 a.m. through
12:00 p.m.
1:00 p.m. through
3:00 p.m.
①A document to verify your nationality issued by an official organization, e.g. Juuminhyou kisaijikou Shoumeisho or passport.
②Most recent 1 year academic record (copy is acceptable). If you moved to your current school within 1 year, please bring the academic record of your previous school.


  • Prospective applicants, guardians and/or other people who are related to the applicants and understand the relevant requirements can attend.
  • No appointment needed. First come, first served.
  • Those who reside currently overseas and cannot attend the session, please contact the Admission Office for the IBDP by e-mail. ln that case, please write “About the Eligibility Verification of IBDP” in the subject of your e-mail.
    E-mail of the IBDP Department:
    Please note that it may take approximately a week for the school to respond to your email.
  • The exams and eligibility requirements of admission for returnee students and admission for foreign students living in Tokyo are different from those of the IBDP. If you would like to apply for these exams too, please check our school website.

【Important】If you cannot attend the eligibility verification on December 16th (Sat)due to unavoidable circumstances, please contact the Admission Office for the IBDP by e-mail by December 15th (Fri). In that case, after checking related documents submitted via email, we would ask you to visit our school by December 25th (Mon) to receive Admission and Application Documents for International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (Office hours: Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. except holidays).

 Admission and Application documents

Admission and Application Documents for International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme will be distributed after the eligibility verification.

 Selection Process for Admissions

With the exception of a few classes, the entire programme will be conducted in English with the aim of cultivating internationally-minded students who will enter high level overseas universities.

 Outlines of the Ideal IBDP Student

As today's internationalized world is filled with various opportunities to interact in English with people from all over the globe, the IBDP strives to nurture future global leaders. Based on this philosophy, the ideal IBDP students fit the following criteria:

  1. Students who demonstrate a clear goal to enter the IBDP, a desire to contribute to a global society, and the willingness to gain entrance into top overseas universities.
  2. In terms of the learning process in the IBDP, students approach learning with a self-starter mentality by showing a strong sense of inquiry and a willingness to discover things on their own, while having the courage to handle difficult challenges.
  3. Students with a well-rounded character who are cooperative and considerate of others, but also have the ability to positively accept and understand different perspectives and opinions.
  4. Students who are motivated to broaden their viewpoints, and able to maintain a healthy mental and physical mindset and actively participate in extracurricular activities.
  5. Students who demonstrate strong academic performance across all subjects, and whose English proficiency is equivalent to a STEP EIKEN score of at least 2 or Pre-1.

 Basic Selection Policy

The school will assess prospective students' strong will and motivation to enter the new academic diploma programme (DP) and the following skills:

  • English language ability
  • Mathematical ability
  • Inquiry skills
  • Logical Thinking and Problem Solving abilities
  • Presentation skills
  • Decision making skills
  • Communication abilities

If you plan to take the entrance examination for IB course at Kokusai High School, you are required to submit the necessary documents for eligibility verification.
Currently, the procedure for eligibility verification is yet to be confirmed. Please wait for information update on our website. If you have any questions regarding admission and application for IB course at Kokusai high school, please send your email to the address below.

IB Department at Kokusai High School:

 Assessment methods(July, 2023)

Assessment method Perfect
Skills to be assessed
①English Language Written exam and listening comprehension (60 min)
Interview (10 min)
mark out of 100 «Language used» English «Skills to be assessed» Listening comprehension, speaking ability, reading comprehension and writing ability
②Mathematics Academic Performance Test (60min) mark out of 100 «Language used» Japanese or English (Desired Language can be chosen at each section of the exam) «Skills to be assessed» Mathematical thinking
③Essay (50min) mark out of 200 «Language used» Japanese or English To be chosen prior to the test «Skills to be assessed» Logical thinking, problem-finding-and-solving abilities, presentation skills
④Individual Interview (15 to 20min) mark out of 200 «Language used» Japanese or English To be chosen prior to the test «Skills to be assessed» Strong will and motivation to study in the DP ,inquiry skills and logical thinking
⑤Certificate of Academic Record mark out of 30 «Language used» - «Skills to be assessed» The results of daily studies not measurable by tests
Maximum Total:③ to ⑤ 430
The score of the English Language Skills Test and the Mathematics Academic Performance Test are not included in the final score.


  • Each assessment, with the exception of the certificate of academic record, has a passing grade. If a student is not able to receive a passing grade in all assessment areas, he/she will not pass the examination.
  • The English language skills test is used for assessing prospective students' English proficiency necessary for understanding the level of English used in DP classes. Your ESAT-J score will not be used to calculate the final score.
  • The Mathematics Academic Performance Test is used for assessing prospective students' mathematics understanding necessary for the level of mathematics and science in DP classes.
  • Students who attended non-Japanese schools overseas and students with foreign nationalities who attended international schools within Japan need to submit the certificate of the academic record. Before completing the certificates, please refer to the guidelines to be distributed by the school after mid-November 2023. Nevertheless, students attending Japanese junior high schools, graduates, and (prospective) graduates of Japanese schools overseas are required to submit Chousasho.
  • Details of the entrance examination for Tokyo Metropolitan High Schools of the 2024 academic year will be announced later on the website of Tokyo Metropolitan in early November in the Board of Education.


Applicants of IBDP at Kokusai for September enrolment can also apply for the entrance examination for returnee students and international students living in Tokyo. However, successful students of IBDP at Kokusai will not be regarded as applicants for the entrance examination for returnee students and international students living in Tokyo, regardless of the completion of enrolment procedure. Please make sure that you have fully understood and have carefully considered the previous statement before applying for the IBDP at Kokusai.

 Number of Students to be Admitted

The annual total number of students to be admitted in April enrollment and September enrollment is 25. Eligibility requirements are different for each application. Japanese students and international students will be considered as separate admission categories. For further information, Please check the announcement at the website of Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education.

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